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About 39th Street's Taco joint & Tiki Bar

Our Taco Shop Culture

Just your chill, neighborhood taco shop dishing out yummy California-style Mexican fast food.

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Tiki Taco game night with asada curly fries, churros, chips and salsa, and Jarritos.
tacos at night
tacos delight

How it started...

A late-night taco shop for after the bar hop.

Our story begins in the year 2017, in the heart of America. A couple of hungry dudes (not us) opened up a lil’ taco shop in this colorful, iconic neighborhood known as the West 39th Street corridor.

It wasn’t long before the joint turned into a quirky, local haunt. A place where Kansas City peeps could load up on guilty pleasures like greasy tacos, blended boozy drinks, and our infamous curly fry filled burritos. When the original owners were ready to jump ship, we cruised in to take on the challenge.

Started from tortillas, now we're here.
Crunchy, house-fried taco with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and Mexican shredded cheese from Tiki Taco.

...How it's going

Cold Beers, Warm Hearts.
Better Food, Best People.

We knew our food was pretty good, but we wanted to amp it up and make it unforgettable. From now on, we’re dedicated to dishing out great food, fast. Made to order with fresh, quality ingredients and sourced locally whenever we can.

When we took over Tiki Taco with big dreams and even bigger plans... we knew we couldn’t do it without the help of our community. That’s why we’ve gathered a killer crew under new management and we’re getting ready to ride this wave to new locations. Strap in and let’s vroom~.

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Meet The Tiki Taco Gang